How to Survive LGBT Brainwashing

Uplifting reassurance for terrified straight people.

Recently protests have taken place in the UK aimed at preventing schools from teaching children about equal rights and different types of families. Topics like differing religious views, race, having one parent rather than two or having two mothers or fathers have been deemed important for kids to understand.

This has led to concerns that schools are using the cover of equality in matters of race or religion to sneak through a promotion of gay lifestyles.

Consider this alongside American “no promo homo” laws and these figures on sex education and it’s clear that many people are nervous about sex and relationship education.

People are outraged that children are coming home and asking their parents questions about things that will surround and/or affect them and people they know throughout their lives.

Although the books in the RSE lessons mentioned above were about equal rights and preventing discrimination people have linked them with the overall process of delivering sex education in schools.

There’s quite a bit of evidence that sex education is very effective at reducing teen pregnancies. Also, knowing a few basics about human biology can prevent people like former Missouri Congressman Todd Akin showing himself up on the world stage by suggesting that pregnancy from rape is biologically impossible. Consider too how Idaho Republican Rep Vito Barbieri asked a stunned physician if women can swallow cameras that will enable gynecological examinations.

The doctor said no, by the way, after she picked her jaw up off the floor.

However great all this education is, if the price of it is brainwashing generations of people into being gay is it still a good idea?

British Psychologist Dr Kate Godfrey-Faussett has attracted attention due to her outspoken remarks about the RSE lessons. She believes the lessons form part of a social engineering program to corrupt children and that to “work psychologically or in a mental health capacity” with those experiencing same-sex attraction is the best way forward. As a psychologist, she assured people, she knows what brainwashing is, so she isn’t speaking lightly.

Incidentally in the wake of her remarks the British Psychological Society suspended Godfrey-Faussett and issued this statement explaining why.

If, like Dr Godfrey-Faussett, you are straight and worried, here are three reassuring facts to help you through this difficult time.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be straight.

For hundreds of years there’s been a concentrated effort to force gay people to be straight by trying everything from therapy to “corrective rape”, physical violence, imprisonment and murder. Turns out, it’s not possible. Even in places where homosexuality is a capital offence people still persist in being gay. So, rest assured that however much gay propaganda you’re forced to endure, you will still be straight.

Heterosexuality will never be completely suppressed.

Whilst some people worry that having LGBT issues discussed alongside others is bound to normalize being gay and totally bury the traditional family model, there is hope. Rest assured, you will still discover heterosexuality at some point, no matter how brainwashed you have become.

You may be raised and live in an LGBT bubble but the feeling that you are different will eventually be validated. Be it by books, film, conversation or rumor, you will eventually realize that other people are heterosexual too.

Gay people will help you.

Take heart. Just as you, a straight person, have always been outspoken and active in the promotion of equal rights. Gay people will do the same for you. They will demonstrate, march and stand side by side with you until you have the same rights as they do. They won’t rest until straight people feel safe and able to live their lives happily and peacefully.

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