An abusive tactic as effective as it is damaging.

Sandy’s boyfriend, Tom, is taking her out for dinner this evening, so things will be even more difficult than usual. As she goes through her wardrobe to find the right thing to wear she sees Tom through the bedroom window. He’s looking through the bin outside, searching for evidence of…

There’s a thin line between working from wherever you want, whenever you want and having to work all the time wherever you are.

Dodging the rat race? Living differently? Or working yourself into the ground for someone else and calling it freedom? You only get one life, so it makes sense to do what you want with it.

Working from home (or anywhere you want) is a great way to live. Whilst it…

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Relationship dynamics become dysfunctional when someone twists the people around them to fit their own narrative.

Whether it’s family, friendships or romantic relationships we all have our unique dynamics going on. Having a dynamic and bringing different things to the table is healthy, a recipe for doing well. …

Power trips and guilt trips mixed together create confusion. A clear understanding of this abusive technique can help protect you from narcissistic behavior and abuse.

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Narcissistic people have a whole host of abusive techniques in their arsenal. Some techniques like gaslighting cause extreme confusion and distress in the narcissist’s target.

This kind of abuse damages you the most when you don’t recognize it’s happening.

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“You’re too sensitive.”

“That never happened.”

“If it did happen, it was your fault.”

“I only acted like that because of your behavior.”

“Wow, you’re paranoid.”

“You’re so strange.”

“You’re crazy.”

If someone wants to sabotage or control you then the technique of gaslighting will serve their purposes very well…

Stef Hill

Writer in business, mental health and feminism. Darling of digital. Self-raising Lazarus.

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