10 Ways Husbands Can Ignore the Mental Load and Guarantee Divorce

Wife always nagging? Whatever.

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The mental load is totally not a thing. Bear these ten pointers in mind so you can completely block its existence out of your life.

2. When she looks disheveled at the end of a long day maybe tell her your friend Ryan’s wife is always perfectly turned out and never misses a gym workout. Actually, maybe wait until she’s cleaning the toilet to drop that one.

3. The kitchen sink side is your wife’s personal “to do” area. When you use cups, plates or pans just stack them by or in the sink. That’s super helpful. Don’t actually wash anything or put it away though, that would be insane.

4. Baths and sinks don’t need actual cleaning to stay clean and it’s fine to say this out loud.

5. Women need direction. Wherever your wife is and whatever she’s doing, just go and interrupt her. Working, reading a book, talking on the phone, having a bath, whatever. Just barge straight into the room and start talking about what you think she should be doing instead.

6. “What do you need an office for?”, is a great phrase to roll out when you’ve spent the whole day in yours. With the door shut.

7. If you’re done using something, just throw it to the side in a care free manner. Who knows where it will land, life is full of possibilities like that.

8. You’ve got the day off and your wife is at work. That means by the time she gets home and cooks dinner you’re going to be starving, ugh. Better order some takeaway, for one.

9. How were you supposed to know that the bin needs taking out in the house you live in where there is a bin you use? Honestly, women can be so unfair sometimes.

10. It’s well known that shops will only sell items like toilet roll and cartons of milk to women. Therefore when your wife allows these things to run out you are totally justified in getting really upset. She clearly doesn’t care about you at all.

Good luck.

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Writer in business, mental health and feminism. Darling of digital. Self-raising Lazarus. sweetsixty.redbubble.com

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